American Military Radio in Central Europe



Amy was from Orlando, Florida. Her pencils always ran empty so she would use more than one pencil to write her letters. I called her a couple of times at home. She then moved out of her parents place to live with a girl friend. She told me about how Florida was to live, and what she liked and didn't like about America.


Brenda was living in Germany when I first started writing with her. She had been divorced but hadn't changed her name yet. Later she married Eddie an African American and moved to New Mexico. Brenda is a devout Christian. She has a large family.


This girl wrote me that her father had committed adultery and that she found this very wrong. I don't know her first name, I forgot.


This is Pat (2nd from left) she was a US Army corporal stationed in Berlin. In her third letter I found out she was a female! I wanted to go visit her in Berlin but didn't. Pat wanted to become a flight attendant. She wrote about how she had a British soldier friend and that in Berlin there were lots of different nationalities packed together.


Patricia was an American girl in the Mid West of America. She was a lot of fun to write with. She wrote about her job and her hometown.



Stephanie lived in Zaragozza Spain when I started writing with her. Her father was an American and her mother was Spanish. She moved with her parents to Germany where I visited her. I had dinner with her family which was an honor because I had never done anything like this before. The photo above with Stephanie and me was taken in Germany. The photo on top was taken in Spain and sent to me by Stephanie. Stephanie now lives in Florida with her three children. I remember how she wrote me about how her apartment had been damaged during a hurricane.


Hannah was British and had an Arab background. I phoned her once, that was fun!


This is Elena from the Philippines.


The girl in white on the left is Joy. She also was from the Philippines.



This is Maylie, she was the prettiest of my penpals in the Philippines. I remember how these girls asked me if they could call me collect, and that I never even considered this.


Rowena also was from the Philippines.


This is Wheng, I cannot remember if this is a surname or a nickname.


I got this photo from one of my Philippine penpals. These girls all studied, I think to become nurses. I thought The Philippines were a nice place to live.

Stars & Stripes

When I got a pass to Soesterberg AB, I was able to visit the American book store and bought the American military newspaper called The Stars & Stripes. In this paper was a page with people looking for penpals. Mainly American soldiers male and female but also girls from for instance the Philippines. Or family members from American GIs.