American Military Radio in Central Europe



SGT Kim Danek

SGT Kim Danek

SGT Kim Danek

These are three photos of my all time favorite radio personality. Sergeant Kim Danek. She used to present the morning show titled 'Rise & Shine' between 1984 and 1986. Back in 1984, after I had returned from my Australian vacation, and started to study Computer Science at Utrecht University, I was lonely. Then I discovered Kim on my radio, she did the Rise & Shine morning show. And during the two years, she was on my radio, I didn't miss a single show. I even fell in love with Kim. In 1986, I called her at AFN SHAPE, and that was very nice. On March  1st, 1988, I finally met Kim Danek. She told me she was married, that hurt. But later - years later - I remembered that she had said on the radio, that her mother had told her to get married, just like her sister. Now Kim is a retired Master Sergeant. I still think of her often. I try to keep track of her, and last thing I heard of her, was that she had an 8 year old son. Kim has been into marshal arts since 2001.

SSGT Steve Dorr

Staff Sergeant Steve Dorr. A 'stevedore' is someone who loads and unloads ships in harbors. This sounds like REFORGER to me ;))


Jingle Machine

One appliance radio stationSatellite TV receiver

The machine above is a jingle machine it makes sure that before for instance the news on the top of the hour the right jingle is played. The photo below left is a one machine radio station with long tapes which contained classical music. The photo to the right is a satellite TV receiver and this signal would be broadcast by AFN SHAPE TV.

TV editing machine

TV station

Here are two photos of TV equipment, above an editing machine, and below the television station machine.

Kim's desk

Kim's desk

The computer graphics of Ronald Reagan were printed by me and sent to Kim in 1985.



SHAPE stands for Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe. This is the military NATO Headquarters, located just North of Mons Belgium, I was there on March 1st, 1988.