American Military Radio in Central Europe

AFN Soesterberg

In 1986 we got our own affiliate at Soesterberg AB, which meant that there were two radio shows which were locally produced. The morning show - titled Touch and Go - between 5 and 9 am, and the afternoon show - titled Afterburner - between 3 and 6 pm.

The Boss

MSGT Al Rowland
Master Sergeant Al Rowland was the first station manager of AFN Soesterberg, between 1986 and 1989.

Morning Presenters

SrA Mike KaminskiA1C Tim Vogel

Senior Airman Mike Kaminski was the first AFN Soesterberg morning presenter. He used to do comedy at 8:15 am like: `And now a man who claims to have hit a hole in one on the moon, airman Mike Kaminski!` A1C Tim Vogel succeeded Mike and I used to know him, these days he is a police dispatcher, because he couldn´t find a job as a radio presenter.

A1C Beth ShermanA1C Beth Sherman

This is Airman First Class Beth Sherman, I wanted to be her boyfriend. Ever since Kim Danek, I wanted to marry me an American disk jockey. And Airman First Class Beth Sherman, was - I thought - the woman I had been waiting for. We met at the Den Dolder's McDonalds, and talked for 20 minutes. I gave her this black Rick Dees Weekly Top40 sweater of which I had gotten three from Rick Dees in Los Angeles. That's where and when I took these photos. Beth later got married to a guy called Dean. Last thing I heard from her was that she had had a baby, and that she had studied at a university after leaving the Air Force.

A1C Rich Feagler

This is Air Force Sergeant Rich Feagler on TDY (temporary duty) in Sicily. Rich sent me this photo because he had noticed that he wasn't on my AFN website, while he was part of the AFN Soesterberg team. The point is I did take his photo in 1988, but got the aperture wrong so that photo was too dark. Rich presented the morning show after Mike Kaminski before Tim Vogel and he also did the afternoon show for a while. He now lives in Ohio.

Afternoon Presenters

SSGT John BernhardtsenA1C Carey Call

Staff Sergeant John Bernhardtsen was half Dutch, he spoke Dutch fluently, he told me he had been all around the world with the US Air Force. He lived in Amersfoort. Airman First Class Carey Call, was married and became Carey Lawson. She did the afternoon show. She was good at bowling, and hailed from Washington DC.

SGT Tony Jacobsen

Sergeant Tony Jacobsen did the afternoon show, one day she came on to me, while on the radio. This was an experience I needed to have.

AMN Kimberly Isaac

Airman Kimberly Isaac, did the Afterburner afternoon show, she now is a disk jockey on a commercial radio station in Michigan.

SrA Ildiko Nemes

Senior Airman Ildiko Nemes was one of the last disk jockeys of Eagle FM. I only saw her from a distance, in October of 1993, at the 32nd Fighter Squadron Going Away Party. She was on Dutch TV, that's when I made this photo.


TSGT Phil Woodney

Technical Sergeant Phil Woodney was the AFN Soesterberg NCOIC (which means Non Commissioned Officer In Charge) when Al Rowland would be away he was the boss. Phil was on Dutch television as a judge in a Dutch country music talent show.

Other AFN Soesterberg People

SSGT Dan Warnkey

Staff Sergeant Dan Warncke was responsible for gathering the local military news. He is a lawyer in Ohio these days.

SGT Parker

Sergeant Mark Parker was the technician, he was responsible for all AFN equipment working properly. He visited this website and told me he liked it a lot! But that was over 5 years ago...

 Eagle FM

AF News Agency

AFN Soesterberg was started in September of 1986 and went off the air in 1994 when the American military left Soesterberg AB.

In 1989 AFN Soesterberg was renamed EagleFM